Frequently Asked

You can find out the transport price without creating an account, but you will need one to place an order.

The account provides you with:

  • Constant access to all orders and invoices, without having to search for individual documents in the mail;
  • The ability to enter permanent delivery addresses, allowing you to place orders quickly with just a few clicks;
  • with min. 20 shipments per month you gain the option of deferred payment and a collective invoice - issued once or twice a month. 

Dedicated transportation can be arranged for all kinds of shipments: from single envelopes to bulky items and all kinds of products needed in your supply chain.

Our system automatically calculates which type of vehicle will make the best use of the loading space and recommends it to you. You can either use the system's answers or choose the vehicle you want to transport yourself.

No, we do not have any hidden charges. The price you see in the system is the final price - it includes all charges, e.g. ferry, motorway tolls and other costs related to the transport.

The price depends on the number of shipments, their size, and thus the type of car needed for transportation.

For customers who order more than 20 shipments per month, we give the opportunity to negotiate the price. 

Payment is made via the STRIPE system in Euro currency

Yes, business customers have the option of receiving one or two collection notes per month.

For companies with EU VAT, the prices shown in the system are net prices, while for companies without EU VAT, VAT of 25% is added, Shipplace (brand ScandinavianCargo AB) is a company registered in Sweden with VAT SE559332588801 and we are obliged by tax regulations to settle this way

Often loading is possible even on the day of the order if it is placed by 10:00 a.m., and at the latest we collect the shipment on the next working day or according to the customer's instructions.

Transport time depends on the route you choose. When you book the service, our logistics experts will provide you with an estimated transportation time with the date and time of pickup and delivery.

In rare cases, transit times may change due to weather and road conditions. In such situations, we will inform you of the delay right away. 

No, you do not need to pack your shipment. However, if your goods are extremely fragile, we recommend securing them to avoid damage.


  • You do not need to print any stickers, a CMR document will be sent to you after ordering or the driver will have it with him;
  • we can provide you with a link to track your car GPS in real time, *not all cars in our fleet have GPS devices;

Yes, you can do this at any time before delivery.

Yes, you only need to inform us of your desired pick-up/delivery points when booking.

Yes. It is necessary for all parties to the transaction: shipper, driver, and receiver to sign the shipment's CRM. The status of the shipment should be verified before the CRM document is signed.

Once the CMR document has been signed by all parties, no claims for damaged or lost items will apply. 

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